Original – delicious on its own, in cereals and in cooking, in baking and just pretty much anything you want to add some va va voom to

Barista – the perfect pick-me-up for your hot teas and coffees, as well as your iced teas and lattes…whatever rocks your boat really

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  • 1L Milk

  • 8g of protein per serving

  • 50% more calcium than cow’s milk

  • Added vitamins B12, D & Iodine

The Good Pea Co. Original is  proof that nutritious can be delicious, and planet-friendly! It’s healthy & creamy and each serving is packed with 8 x more protein than its nut milk counterparts and 2 x calcium of cow’s milk. With added vitamins B12, D and Iodine, it’s nutritious for you and your family and the best part is that you can feel good drinking it because you’re doing your part for the planet.

It’s great over cereal, poured in a glass and in cooking your favourite recipes.

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  • 1L Milk

  • 3g of protein per serving

  • Perfect for frothing

The Good Pea Co. Barista brings your favourite hot beverages to you, you can froth up that dalgona, steam up that hot chocolate and blend into that smoothie. Pour directly into your favourite teas and coffees and you’ll be ready for day!

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Kids Drinks

What was that…your kids are asking for more?! We’re not surprised; all that will be left of a glass of our tasty and nutritious Original drink, will be a milk moustache!

#wherehealthytastesgreat #milkmoustache

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