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    Our FAQ’s

    What does your brand stand for?

    In May 2020, our Co-founders, Nikki and Su, set about on a search for tasty, dairy alternatives that would match the nutritional value of dairy products, and would also be sustainable. Nothing quite ticked all the boxes, and so they decided to create their own lip-smacking, nutritious and planet-friendly plant drink.

    This is how The Good Pea Co. was born; founded on a deep-rooted passion for the planet and its people.

    Our mission statement: To inspire a healthier world with a lip-smacking, nutritious and sustainable plant drink with wholesome ingredients that nourish the planet and its people.

    Our values:

    01. NOURISH THE PLANET & ITS PEOPLE – Our top priority is to always be nutritious, tasty and planet-friendly

    02. MAKE HEALTHY TASTE GREAT – We are the alternative, delicious drink of choice, an industry disruptor

    03. HERE FOR ALL – Accessible, affordable and available to all, inclusive of all

    Why is it important?

    For so many reasons, see our Healthy Planet page for why we believe in sustainability

    What is SIG Packaging?

    To deliver the best to our consumers, we have partnered with SIG, a leading European-based company that provides innovative systems and solutions for aseptic food and beverage packaging. Our unique packaging has an easy-pour feature which means there’s no spillage, drips, or contents left behind and it’s 100% recyclable.

    Where are your ingredients from?

    All of our ingredients are sourced from the UK/EU so they don’t have to travel far!

    Where do you produce your product?

    We manufacture The Good Pea Co. drinks in the UK so we can have a minimal supply chainimpact.

    What is so different about The Good Pea?

    We’ve combined the deliciousness of coconut cream with nutritious yellow split peas to create the perfect blend.

    Where do your peas come from?

    Our peas come via freight from France & Belgium

    Does the good pea contain carrageenan?

    No, our products are not formulated with carrageenan

    Is your product gluten free/celiac friendly?

    Of course! Our products contain less than 15ppm therefore we are celiac friendly.

    Is your product vegan?

    Yes! All of our ingredients sourced are vegan.

    Does your product contain nuts?

    No! All ingredients are nut free. We produce in a nut-free facility to ensure no cross contamination during manufacturing.

    Are your products Free-from?

    Yes, all our products are free from the top allergens rated by the FSA.

    Is your product pasteurized?

    Yes our product is pasteurized and aseptically packaged, meaning we kill the potentially harmfulbacteria but maintain our nutrients. Through this process we are able to have a safe shelf life for12months kept at room temperature.

    Is it okay for pregnant women to drink?

    Yes. If you have any health conditions or allergies check with a GP before consuming to be safe.

    Is it okay for children to drink?

    We advise that (as indicated on pack) do not substitute the product for breastmilk or infant formula. Our milk can be introduced as part of a healthy balanced diet from 6 months of age and is suitable as a main milk alternative from 2 years but always check with your GP or Pediatrician before you make the switch.