Our superhero, the Yellow Split Pea, is high in protein, low in fat and has cholesterol-lowering properties. Peas are easily digested and hypoallergenic, meaning you feel full without becoming bloated or uncomfortable.

Why Chose a Plant Based Milk Supplier

Whether you follow a plant-based diet, do Veganuary each year or are trying to eat more colourful vegetables; we are here with our pom-poms supporting you to live healthier! Plant-based living is becoming more and more popular and for good reason and that’s why the number of plant-based suppliers are ever growing; changing the way you eat tends to have a domino effect on how you live. Before you know it, you’re feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic.

That’s why at The Good Pea Co., we created plant-based drinks (we are not allowed to call them plant-based ‘milks’ unless they are made from a lactating mammal), that give you the nutrition of dairy milk but with zero animals involved. We believe plant-based drinks should taste delicious (move over thin, chalky alternatives!) and we chose yellow-split peas as our primary ingredient not only because they are packed with plant protein but because they are also sustainable.

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Plant based milk Suppliers… changing the world one pea at a time

To be as inclusive as possible, we ensure our plant-based drinks are;

Plant based milk Supplier

In addition to this we have a whopping 50% more calcium than cow’s milk per 240ml glass and less sugar, so we can be your guilty pleasure, but without the guilt!

We are firm believers that you should not have to sacrifice anything when switching to plant-based living, and so we have made our drinks so good that you can pour them in your fave recipes and beverages; hot or cold, over your cereal or just on its own! For plant-based inspo, check out our recipes page and go wild!

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The Pea Revelation

YOU are also our superheroes; you should enjoy plant-based living knowing that you are helping save the planet one drink or meal at a time. Animal agriculture is responsible for 83% of total global agricultural land, yet produces only 18% of the world’s calories. It’s a leading contributor of global warming and by making the change in your meals, you can help to save our planet’s rainforests and oceans.

Carbon Footprint

Another reason, we chose the magnificent pea is because peas fix nitrogen by taking it from the air and convert it to a usable fertiliser. With the reduction in applied nitrogen, fertiliser run-off can be reduced keeping our waterways, lakes and oceans cleaner. I mean, can someone create a superhero cape for the ferocious Yellow Pea? And so, everything we create is focussed on being good.