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Oat Milk Supplier In the Uk

Whilst oat milks are hugely popular due to pleasing tastes and textures, along with the increasing number of Oat milk suppliers, it can be difficult to find an oat milk that is super nutritious. They are generally creamy and high in fibre, but are not nutritionally comparable to the traditional dairy milks, particularly in protein and calcium content, and sustainability varies across brands. So where can we find a tasty and nutritionally dense dairy-free plant drink that is also friendly to the planet?

All stand, for the newest trend; Pea milk, which matches the protein content and vitamins of cow’s milk and has double the calcium!

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Why choose us over Oat Milk Suppliers?

Pea milk is quickly becoming a firm favourite, having only a third of the saturated fat and 50% more calcium than cow’s milk. Yellow Split Peas are also nutritionally dense; they are naturally high in protein and fibre, and are low in calories. Along with this; Pea milk is a highly eco-friendly and a great sustainable option.

A great source of plant-based protein and nutrients.

At The Good Pea Co, we have used the combination of yellow spit peas and coconuts which not only gives our drink creaminess just like regular dairy milk, but also taste and nutrition. Oh, and we have fortified it with added Vitamins B12, D and Iodine. It also has 8g of protein per 240ml serving (the same as cow’s milk), 50% more calcium than cow’s milk per serving to ensure you and your family get the best start to your day!

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Planet-friendly and highly sustainable compared to other alternative milks.

Pea milk is also environmentally-friendly, as peas actually fix nitrogen by taking it from the air and convert it to a usable fertiliser. With the reduction in applied nitrogen, fertiliser run-off can be reduced keeping our waterways, lakes and oceans cleaner. Field Peas are the only crop that provide an abundant, inexpensive and sustainable source of Nitrogen.

Peas grow in areas that have abundant rainwater, which does not require ground drilling and hence requires a smaller amount of irrigation therefore an overall minimal threat of damage to the environment.

In Conclusion

At The Good Pea Co., we promise to always use recyclable material and to encourage all households to do the right thing by our planet and for our future generations by recycling. We are contributing to a reduction in wastage by ensuring our products have a 12-month shelf-life.

So all in all, whilst oat milks can taste great, pea milks are taking no prisoners as they come on the scene. Along with great taste and creamy textures, their nutritional content is comparable to cow’s milk and even contain double the calcium content per serving, giving us an utopic dairy-free option.